Buy High-Quality & Durable Cantilever Umbrella

    Since you are here, it is safe to assume that you are thinking about including a cantilever outdoor umbrella to your business or home setup.

    On a hot day, an outdoor Umbrella Shade Structure comes in quite handy. Think about taking a long and soothing rest on your porch amid a hot day drinking your favorite cool refreshment under your new umbrella. As the sun moves over the sky you end up back in the horrendous heat. To move out of the sun, you need to change your sitting area around to the opposite side or in the event that you have an umbrella in the focal point of your table you have to move the whole table around. What an issue.

    That is where we come in. We provide high-quality cantilever umbrellas that are perfect for any setup. Only by adjusting the position of the umbrella, cantilever umbrellas, also known as offset patio umbrellas, can be used to effectively obstruct the sun.

    There are much more advantages and features that a cantilever umbrella possesses. Here are a few of them:

    Pool Coverage

    A cantilever umbrella will definitely help in securing an uncovered pool.

    A tremendous level of versatility is added in a pool area when a cantilever umbrella is added to it. It allows you the option to provide shade to the lounge chair or the pool while keeping the position of the umbrella base.

    Moreover, you always have the option of pivoting the umbrella back over your sitting area when you are worn out of extra rain coverage or sunbathing, or simply when you are not utilizing the umbrella to cover the pool zone.

    Various Size and Shape Options

    At RecreationToday you do have different size and shape choices accessible to you, despite the fact that size and shape are not specific to just cantilever umbrellas. You can give your home the most ideal look possible and coordinate your cantilever umbrella to your outdoor stylistic theme at the same time.

    Sizes go from small (a covering of a little porch table) to large (covering various tables and seats).

    Whether you need a single umbrella or multiple, always consider how much overall coverage you really need to provide the perfect amount of shade.

    Perfect for Any Season

    You do not need to buy a separate outdoor shade for every season or multiple weather climates, as cantilever umbrellas are ideal for all of them.

    A cantilever umbrella can keep you safe from natures elements amid each season, regardless of whether it is hot, raining, or even snowing.

    Plenty of Space

    Due to the absence of a pole underneath in the middle, there is significantly more space to put furniture under a cantilever umbrella Standard Shade Structure.

    It also gives you the option to arrange plenty of furniture and place a lot more under it, unlike a centered umbrella where you have limited space under the edges of the umbrella.

    Convenient Setup

    It is much easier to get everything set up with a Sail Shade Structure
    . This is because you are not dependent on putting the umbrella in a specific spot or picking a specific type of furniture.

    Place your umbrella off to the side and simply set up your patio furniture. Simple as that.

    Interested in buying a cantilever umbrella? Contact Recreation Today and our customer services team will guide you through the whole process, and will also provide you with a free quote!

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