Children are constantly developing and learning from their surroundings, as they have a greater capacity to imagine things and the see the world with their point of view. It is the children that will be our teachers, builders, doctors, and engineers of the future. The is the reason, Recreation Today manufactures themed children’s playground equipment to persuade children to have fun while learning and playing with others.

    The truth is that it can be hard for parents to encourage their children to play outdoors, especially in this digital world, where most kids are hooked up with their electronic gadgets.

    However, playground equipment that is based around a particular theme like a jungle, nature or in this case a pirate ship attracts children to play outdoors. Physical exercise, mental development, and social skills are some of the many benefits of playing with outdoor themed playground equipment such as the pirate ship playground.

    Mind Challenging Activity

    Recreation Today’s outdoor themed playground equipment challenge the psyche of children. Creating brain-neural connections and fortifying the brain has been proven to be achieved through exercise. Activities, like climbing the stairs or swinging their legs, allow children to switch between their left and right part of the brain, which in turn enhances their motor skills.

    When playing on themed playground equipment such as a pirate ship play structure, children get to use their imagination, as they discover new things and socialize with their friends.

    Physical Exercise

    As per a report published by the CDC, around 17% of kids in the United States are viewed as obese. This number is quite shocking and it becomes even more alarming when you take into account the number of kids who are overweight. A perfect solution in which communities can lower this number is by the introduction of themed School playground equipment such as a pirate ship playground.

    Recreation Today’s equipment can be utilized as a safe way for schools, parents, and institutions to encourage children to play outdoors and get a good workout. Our pirates’ ship playground equipment involves various activities that are fun and physically demanding at the same time. Children’s trigger of having fun allows them to push themselves and unknowingly go through a variety of exercises which helps them in maintaining an excellent physique.

    Social Skills & Increase in Self-Confidence

    Recreation Today’s outdoor themed playground equipment make it simpler for kids to relate and feel good in an environment that they are familiar with. When children associate with the theme of the equipment it urges them to swing, play and go down slides which give them the confidence to interact with other kids and polish their social skills.  

    The advantages of themed playground equipment are clear as day and Recreation Today provides numerous alternatives in relation to such equipment.

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    We plan imaginative ways for manufacturing unique themed playground equipment, a prime example of it being the pirate ship play structure. If you are considering to buy themed playground equipment contact us our excellent customer service today and get a free quote!

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