Dog Parks

Let us help you build your dog park in Idaho, Oregon, Washington or Alaska.

How can a dog park benefit your community?

Having a dog park in your community can provide a safe, pet-friendly place for your pets.  Dog parks offer your community a safer area for dogs to play and socialize. Since dog parks are generally fenced off areas, they allow dogs to run off-leash without irritating other people in the park who might not be dog lovers.  

The dogs in your community will benefit from socialization between pets making them calmer, less aggressive animals.  Having a dog park in your community can allow your dog friends to get the vital exercise and socialization they need. Combined with training, this can dramatically reduce the behavioral issues that some pets have, such as barking and digging.

Dog parks can help your community become more pet-friendly as a whole.

Are you planning a dog park for your community?    

We can help you design, plan and build your dog park (also known as a BarkPark).

Let us help you plan and build your dog park.   Recreation Today can assist you in planning, building and furnishing a community location where you can come together with other dog enthusiasts, let the dogs run free, or put them through their paces in an exercise course. We can help you with anything from just surfacing and fencing to accessories in order to create a 'simple' or 'expert' course for your dogs in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska and now in Hawaii.

We now have Re-Bark, the NEW 100% recycled agility line, as well as, an expansion to our Waste Station Series and to our family of Welcome Signs for your dog park.

Your pets deserve a place to be off-leash and run to their hearts' content!  They need exercise, just like their owners. 

dog park equipment

Choose from many individual pieces or let us help you plan your dog park with an expert course for your dog park.

dog park equipment


We have the surfacing options you will need for the different areas of your dog park.  Click the link below or call to ask what we can do for you.



Dog park benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and bike racks are just some of the dog park furnishings you may be interested in.


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