Steel Frame Outdoor Shade Structure

    Play areas are generally deemed as a significant and profitable piece of each community. They are where youngsters can appreciate cheerful play alongside physical exercise. Furthermore, play areas are additionally a spot where kids can expand their social aptitudes by making interactions with other children. The playgrounds should be structured around one major principle, which is the safety of the children.

    While there are a lot of evident safety issues that must be contemplated while constructing a playground, one quite significant one is the sun which should be considered as a genuine risk to kids. Normally, children of all ages like to play outside and in doing so, their bodies are exposed to the sun, however, to save them from overexposure shade structures can be introduced in playgrounds and schools.

    Recreation Today offers a variety of shade solutions, one of which is the Standard Shade Shelter. It serves as a perfect tool for sun protection for children.

    However, before really comprehending the significance of shade structures for play areas, one should initially grasp the amount of risk that the sun can pose to youngsters. Children love to play outdoors on a sunny day, however, along with providing a beautiful opportunity for kids to play outside, the sun can also be quite dangerous for their health.

    A prime example of such a danger is the ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is imperceptible to the unaided eye. At the point when these beams come into contact with humans, it saturates into the skin and destroys healthy cells of children and grown-ups alike. The power of this type of radiation can be ascertained from the fact that these rays are able to cause harm, even on a cloudy day.

    An overabundance of UV beams can cause sunburn and after some time it can also cause much bigger problems. Skin cancer, for example, has a greater chance of developing on a child’s body when he becomes an adult if the kid was exposed to harmful UV rays.

    Standard shade shelters in parks and playgrounds can effectively lower the chances of your child being exposed to dangerous radiation from the sun. The afternoon time is the most critical, as during these hours outdoor play areas are the busiest, however, this is also the time when UV rays are at their full potential, and this is when some form of sun shade becomes critical.

    Relief from the heat is another great reason, as to why you should incorporate standard shade shelters in parks, schools, and playground. Moreover, these structures come in handy for youngsters on hot days when they really need to catch a breath.

    A number of important factors such as size, location, and effectiveness should be considered when planning to purchase a shade structure. For protection against direct and indirect sun exposure, shade structures that are bigger in size are perfect. Moreover, the ideal place for a school playground shade structure is close to the trees. This is because of two reasons, first, it will provide a much-needed relief from the sun on hot days and second, it will also provide maximum security from the sun, along with providing a cooler space for kids to play.

    Recreation Today offers a high-quality and wide range of playground equipment along with commercial shade shelters, one of which is a standard steel frame shelter for your outdoor space. We also offer custom shade structure and if you are interested in buying one or need more information, contact our excellent customer service team and get a free quote!

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