Design & Planning

Designing & Planning Your Playground

Planning Your Playground

Playground design and planning focuses on safety first.   All steps, site evaluation, equipment selection, safety surfacing choices, traffic flow,  and even site furnishing and facilities placement can all play a part in the focus towards safety.

Site Evaluation

Great playground design and planning does not just focus on the equipment, it considers the entire play space, and includes inclusive play for individuals of all abilities.  Recreation Today will help you maximize your site’s full play potential.  Here are some basic site considerations you will need to plan for.


Identify and mark existing utilities in advance, including gas, water, and electric lines. Your local utility companies will perform this service for you.

Size and Shape

Your site should be large enough to accommodate both active and quiet play areas, as well as amenities like parking. Save on site preparation expenses by choosing a site that’s relatively flat and provides adequate drainage.

Traffic Flow

We will help you plan clear pathways and access points to promote good traffic flow on, into, and around the playground equipment. We will also make sure that maintenance and emergency vehicles have direct access to your playground, and that all areas are easily accessible to visitors of all abilities and all ages.

Inclusive Play

We can assist you in designing playgrounds for people of all ages and abilities. We believe that every child, regardless of ability, should have an equal opportunity to connect with other children through the power of play. We not only design equipment to meet or exceed ADA guidelines, we can help you create an inclusive, universally designed play space that enables kids to access play activities just by using their everyday means of mobility. You should consider not only children of all abilities, but what about those parents who might be in a wheelchair or walker who need to be able to get to their child on the playground? We can provide you with inclusive play and accessibility planning and design.

What can I expect?

When you decide on a playground, we will do all we can to assist you with the information on this page.  We will provide you with 2D drawings and 3D posters showing your proposed playground, to help you decide on exactly what you want.  We want to be sure it will fit correctly in the space you have available and to assist in your configuration.  Here are samples of the 2D drawing and 3D posters that you will be provided with.

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