Fabric Sun Shades for your Recreational Area

We are committed to enrichment of your community and protecting people as they play, live, relax and just survive!  We offer a wide range of hips, sails, cantilevers and umbrellas. All of these shade structures are designed to deliver unique solutions, while also protecting you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Come to us for the shade canopy for your weekend picnic or the shade sail to protect kids from the sun on their playground. Use a cantilever shade structure to protect and cool cars from the sunshine, or choose a triangle sail to shade a playground.  If you are interested, we also have a portable retractable umbrella. This shade structure is perfect for poolside or outdoor dining. It is rated and warranted for use in up to 35 miles per hour wind, and is fully portable and retractable. Our catalog of shade structures includes hip shades, shade sails, cantilever shades and umbrella shades. Contact us today to get your project involving sun shades started today!

Not only are our shade structures visually appealing, they're also functional and affordable. While shading your play environment or outdoor gathering area, our shade products also help protect against harmful UV rays, heat and other natural elements. We offer shade in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles to compliment your space.

Sail Shades

Recreation Today offers many different sizes of sail shades and sail shade systems.  The purpose of sail shades is to place the shades in areas where a shelter or traditional shade might not fit or be aesthetically pleasing.  You can mount a sail shade or several sail shades over a playground, picnic table or any area where you want to shield the area from the sun.  Sail shades can be easily taken down in the winter and put back up any time they are needed.  Call us to find out more about the sail shades we can provide you with.

Sun Shades

Recreation Today offers many different sizes of shade and sun-shelter systems, all with the purpose of shading recreational areas from the sun and elements. With the ever growing concern of skin cancer, these are invaluable to many different types of situations. We have supplied custom shades and shelters, umbrellas and sail shades for playgrounds, tennis or shuffleboard courts, bleachers and dugouts, pools, water parks, car parking, seating areas, concession areas and schools.

Below are a few of the shade systems available at Recreation Today.  There are many more to choose from.

Also "Shop" our Sun Shades to see specific information on shades you might be interested in.

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shades square hip
Square Hip Shade

Rectangle Shade
Rectangle Hip Shade

Hexagon Hip
Hexagon Hip Shade

Standard Cantilever

hanging cantilever
Hanging Cantilever Shade

cantilever umbrella
Cantilever Umbrella

hexagon umbrella
Hexagon Umbrella

portable retractable umbrella
Portable Retractable Umbrella

horizon waterproof umbrella
Horizon Waterproof Umbrella

Check out the SHADE catalog for more information on our sun shade products by clicking on the image of the catalog below:

Shade Catalog Cover SRP

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