Buddy Bench

Imagine a school playground without kids? A school playground is a lonely planet for a child who has no friends to play with. This is where the simple idea of Buddy Bench comes into play.

What is a Buddy Bench?

Invented by Christian Bucks who was a student of Roundtown Elementary school, a buddy bench is a special thing that is helping children eliminate loneliness and foster friendships. Christian’s buddy bench idea is quite simple – a child who is feeling lonely can sit on a bench to signal that they need someone to play with. Another kid will come and engage the lonely child in their game.

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Another name that Buddy bench is also known for is a friendship bench. The playground buddy bench has been around for some years and popular among the children in different countries. It is a novel idea for social and personal development of the children. Playground bench has a unique style and design that attracts children to sit together and develop an affiliation with each other. A buddy bench can be a perfect place to open up about their feelings, as children learn mutual respect and support on them.

Moreover, they can help reduce growing social isolation among kids in elementary school. Personalized benches for schools also boosts the psychological wellbeing of the kids. Children have been coming forward and introducing these benches in the playground to invite kids to play and be friends.

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Buddy Bench Rules

To state the rules of the bench, signs are posted close to buddy benches for schools. Some sample rules are as follows:

1) Think something you like to do before sitting on the Buddy Bench.

2) The bench is only for those who cannot find anyone to play with.

3) If you see a friend you want to talk, or if you see something you want to do, get off the bench!

4) Play with the first classmate who invites you.

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Recreation Today  offers high-quality commercial playground equipment and its buddy bench for sale is perfect for making new friends or having a chat with old friends. Playground bench is also a hotspot for kids’ discussion and sharing their feelings with each other. At Recreation Today buy buddy bench of your choice or customize it according to your color and design preference.

Apart from being a great tool in building new relationships, Buddy Bench for schools has also proven a successful weapon in countering bullying at school. Whenever a child is getting bullied, he has the option to go sit on the bench, this will allow him to ask for help from his classmates or teachers.

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How much does the Buddy Bench cost?
At Recreation Today, we pride ourselves in providing economical and high-quality commercial playground equipment. Our benches start at approximately $675.

We also offer a custom buddy bench and we are open to all and any buddy bench ideas. Get a free quote on the school bench price by contacting our customer service today!


At Recreation Today we have a large selection of colors, styles and logos.

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