Trash can was first used in England in 1875 for storing burned waste. Decades later, the trash
    bin has become an indispensable item for our indoor and outdoor hygiene. The steel can is the
    classic image of a trash can in the U.S. but with growing research and technology on waste
    disposal, trash can has evolved over time. Recreation Today makes trash bins that are not only sturdy
    but also add style to your outdoor space. Before you buy an outdoor trash can, here are a few
    points to consider.
    A trash can must be resilient. It must withstand severe weather conditions. A durable trash bin
    is capable of enduring whatever nature can throw at it. High-quality outdoor trash cans must
    stand firm during the times of snow, rain, or sleet.
    The capacity of the trash bin is a major factor when choosing a trash can. For example,
    playground trash cans are normally larger in size as they must be able to large quantities of
    garbage from public use. For example, Recreation Today  makes commercial playground trash cans that
    exude modern design and also enough capacity for outdoor use. Our outdoor trash cans are
    available in 32, 45, and 55-gallon capacities.
    Recreation Today has the perfect variety of trash cans made of high-grade material. They are perfect for
    outdoor use and offer enough capacity to keep your outdoor space clean. We also make trash
    bins for recyclable trash. Our bone bin trash is ideal for dog park equipment. Visit Recreation Today
    website and choose the best trash can you are looking for. We offer the most affordable trash
    bin prices in attractive colors.

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