Inclusive Play

Inclusive Play

Recreation Today is pleased to offer ADA Accessible playground equipment!

Please call us for help in planning your ADA accessible playground project!

ADA accessible inclusive playground equipment allows ALL children to be included in your playground.  Not only are inclusive playgrounds important for children, but also for their caregivers who may have restricted mobility.  Caregivers with restricted mobility may need ADA accessibility in order to get to their children on the playground.

Activities for individuals who have disabilities can help people of all ages and abilities to be physically and socially active through recreation and play by breaking down barriers and fostering friendships.  Our ADA accessible inclusive playground equipment addresses the five key areas of development:  physical, sensory, cognitive, communication and emotional/social.

Please contact us and for more information on ADA accessibility and inclusive playgrounds.

Here is a brief list of information about how an ADA accessible playground can improve your community.

ADA Accessibility:

  •  Promotes equitable use for people with diverse abilities and encourages inter-generational play.
  • Offers flexibility in use and creates an environment that is more usable, by more people, to the greatest extent possible.
  • The design is easy to understand and allows individuals to be successful and gain confidence through play.
  • Allows individuals to effectively explore, interact and participate in sensory rich play as independently as possible.
  • The play environment meets current safety standards, considers unintentional actions, and promotes personal growth and development.
  • Supports diverse opportunities for children to engage in sustained, healthy, physical activity with the emphasis on social participation and cooperation.
  • Is comfortable for individuals with diverse sensory needs, body size, posture, mobility environmental sensitivity and motor control.


Grounds For Play:  GFP-1589-512-05



ada accessible
Grounds For Play:  ADA Accessible Bean Bag Toss


Grounds For Play:  GFP-1725-205-03


ADA accessible
Grounds For Play:  Adaptive Swing Seat



ADA Accessible
Grounds For Play:  ADA Accessible Ramp System

ADA Accessible
UltraPlay: Big Horn

ADA Accessible
UltraPlay:  Eagle Rock

ADA Accessible
UltraPlay:  Timber Glen

Look for more ADA accessible / inclusive playground equipment in the catalogs shown here.

ADA Accessible Playground Equipment available at Recreation Today

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