At Recreation Today, Cesar Soto (Cesar Raul Guzmán Soto) is the CAD Specialist

Cesar Soto (Cesar Raul Guzmán Soto)
Phone:  208-442-9350

My name is Cesar Soto (Cesar Raul Guzmán Soto), I was born in the Region of Valparaíso, Chile on August 18, 1988. I studied at the Industrial School Guillermo Richard Cuevas and finished with an Industrial Mechanic Degree, then I entered the Instituto Inacap for two years studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. I started working at a very young age with my family and I have been independent since I was 16 years old. I grew up working in important companies in the area of mining since Chile is one of the biggest exporters of copper in the world. I worked in the maintenance of ventilation systems and the maintenance of mining vehicles. I have also worked in major automobile companies such as Renault, manufacturing different car parts related to the engine and the gearbox, and in CNC lathes (Computer Numerical Control). I have traveled to many countries, among them Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Panama and I have experienced many different cultures. I like to socialize, to exchange ideas and to understand the point of view of each person since I consider everyone to be interesting. I am very sociable, enthusiastic about learning different things in life, and I like to build things and create art and music.

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