Engineered Wood Fiber | Playground Safety Surfacing

Engineered Wood Fiber | Playground Safety Surfacing

Our engineered wood fiber is IPEMA certified to meet ASTM Standards F2075 and F1292. Check out the IPEMA website,, for certification and standards. When installed per instructions, our material meets ADA standard ASTM F1951 for wheel chair accessibility.

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Engineered Wood Fiber is an all-natural and in-expensive option for playground safety surfacing. It is also the most effective at keeping the ground cool under hot sunny conditions in comparison to the other approved safety surfaces, such as bonded rubber, pour in place rubber or synthetic turf products. The installation depth is dependent on the impact rating of the structure it is installed beneath.

There are three key components to our products environmentally friendly manufacturing approach:

  • All products are manufactured from sustainable harvested products. By using our landscape products, you are helping to improve forest health!
  • We sources local materials, minimizing the carbon foot print of our manufacturing process.
  • Many of our products are manufactured from wood fiber that was too poor quality to make timber products – so this material would have either burned or rotted away. Again this minimizes the carbon foot print of forestry projects!

Engineered Wood Fiber is a loose product that is biodegradable, so it will naturally thin and require regular supplementation or replacement. In addition to increased life-cycle costs, it does not provide ideal accessibility to those in wheelchairs or those with compromised mobility. Typically, Engineered Wood Fiber should be supplemented annually to make up for loss due to traffic and deterioration.

Whether for a new playground or refilling your current play area, request a quote today and we’ll help calculate how much Engineered Wood Fiber you will need to bring your playground into compliance.

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