Customized Buddy Bench

A personalized, customized Buddy Bench can make your playground a friendlier place!

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Here are some suggested rules set out by the original creator of the Buddy Bench idea...

  • Ask someone else to play with you first, it's important that children get comfortable using their words.  Don't forget to smile and be friendly.
  • Before or while you're sitting on the Buddy Bench, think of something you would like to do.
  • The bench isn’t for socializing. Only sit there if you can’t find anyone to play with.
  • While you’re sitting on the bench, look around for a game you can join.
  • If you see something you want to do or a friend you want to talk to, get off the bench!
  • When you see someone on the bench, ask that person to play with you.
  • If you’re sitting on the bench, play with the first classmate who invites you. (It's never okay to sit on the bench and then say you don't want to play with someone who asks.)
  • Keep playing with your new friends!
Customized Buddy Bench

Benefits & Purpose of the Buddy Bench

Customized Buddy Benches (or some schools call them Friendship Seats) are a special kind of playground bench since it is designed to assist children in making friends.  Every child needs a school buddy.  No one wants to feel excluded!

The purpose of the customized Buddy Bench is to give children who feel lonely during playtime a comfortable place where they can use nonverbal communication of their loneliness to the other children, who will hopefully ask them to play.

The presence of a Buddy Bench (or friendship seat) offers you an opportunity to address the topics of loneliness, empathy and compassion.  These are vital qualities that all children need to develop so that they can become well socialized members of our community.  We can assist you by providing your customized Buddy Bench, personalized to your specifications.  We can use your school logo or a logo from our list.  We can create your personalized Buddy Bench with the name of your school or organization or simply the words "Buddy Bench".

Add a Buddy Bench Rules Sign

Recreation Today can also provide you with a Buddy Bench Rules Sign to install beside your Buddy Bench.  This sign provides information about your Buddy Bench and why you have provided the Buddy Bench for your organization.

Our standard Buddy Bench Rules Sign (Sign A) will list the following three rules:

  1. Only sit on the bench if you need someone to play with or need a friend.
  2. If you see someone sitting on the bench, talk to them and invite them to play.
  3. If you are sitting on the bench and someone invites you to play, say "Yes".

Buddy Bench
Rules Sign

The Buddy Bench Rules Sign can be customized:

  • Two options for the rules are available:
    • Sign A:  The three rules shown on the sample shown will be included on your sign.
    • Sign B:  You may add one additional rule.

We will match the color of the posts on your Buddy Bench Rules Sign to the color of your Buddy Bench.  The cost of the 24" x 14" Buddy Bench Rules Sign with the posts is $475, plus shipping and handling.

Don't forget to include your Rules Sign when you request a quote for your Buddy Bench!

Customized Buddy Bench
Buddy Bench Dedication

Customized Buddy Bench
Buddy Bench Dedication

How many kids can you get on your Buddy Bench? Here are some pictures of the dedication of their new Buddy Bench in Camas, Washington...

Design your Customized Buddy Bench today!

At Recreation Today we have a large selection of colors,  styles and logos.  You can add your own text and a custom logo to match your favorite team or school mascot. We offer 4', 6' or 8' Buddy Benches. We have many logos to choose from or email us your own artwork for a completely custom bench order.  In addition, we have provided Buddy Benches to schools as a memorial for students and teachers. An engraved plaque can be specially designed for these memorial Buddy Benches.

Above is a sample of the proof you will receive after sending us your Buddy Bench request.  Our customized Buddy Benches start at approximately $675.

If you would like to order the most popular bench pictured here in blue, with these exact options, you may use the Easy Order Option.  Otherwise, click the red button to the left to use the regular Quote Request Form.

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