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What are the Benefits of Water Play?

At Recreation Today, we recognize that nature is the best instructor and playing with water is both educational and enjoyable. Children of all ages develop valuable skills and playing with water also helps them in honing their motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Features of Water Play Equipment

  • Provides a learning yet fun environment for children.
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and colors.
  • A safe way for kids to engage in water play.

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Enjoying amazing water equipment in outdoor areas is getting more and more common nowadays. Playing in water is considered a fun activity, however, it also provides many learning opportunities to children. Recreation Today understands the importance of this activity and this is why we offer a variety of water park equipment, that allows children to enjoy and learn at the same time.

Another reason for introducing water playground equipment is because we recognize water’s malleability and the power of nature. Moreover, on hot days, it’s such an incredible method to cool down, yet there is substantially more to water play than that! Water Play gives long periods of rich and significant childhood learning opportunities to build up kids’ inventiveness and creative abilities.

Here are some more benefits that playing with water has on children.

Physical development

Pouring, pressing, cleaning, mixing and squirting are some of the activities that children perform while playing with water. These actions have a direct positive effect on an important skill to children known as the ‘pincer grip’. The pincer grasp can empower a youngster to properly grab the pencil which has a huge effect on a child’s academic performance. Playing with water acquaints children with distinct textures, namely slippy, gritty and slimy, along with providing them with a sensory experience.

Social and Emotional development

Children can help feel relaxed when playing with water due to its therapeutic effect. They can gather their thoughts which is made possible by the repetitive nature of water and also serves as a calming exercise for them. Children are able to concentrate on one activity and become fully absorbed at the moment, courtesy of their action of swooshing and splashings. In the present world, this exercise holds the utmost importance as there are a huge number of distractions that do not allow the children to focus properly.

Water likewise supports roleplay such as bathing an infant doll or washing the dishes which enables youngsters to rehearse real-life scenarios, while keeping the fun part intact.

Water play with others will show youngsters how to coordinate, interact and take turns when utilizing the space around them. These relational abilities can turn out to be truly profitable to a child’s interactions in preschool or grade school.

Language Skills

By playing and interacting with water, kids will adapt to a bunch of new words, for example, bubbly, sink, squirt, whisk and many others. It will likewise acquaint kids with mathematical terms, for example, ‘empty’, ‘less’ & ‘full’. Moreover, playing with water can spark up interesting conversations between parents and children which will help them learn new vocabulary.

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Are you ready to expose your child to beneficial water play? Interested in our extensive and custom-designed inventory of outdoor water play equipment? These include a splash park, splash pad, and other amazing aquatic playground equipment. Our extensive inventory of water playground equipment fits every budget without compromising on quality. Feel free to contact Recreation Today and get a free quote!

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