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Commercial Playground Site Evaluations for your Playground Equipment

Do you need a playground site evaluation?  If you are considering some changes to your playground, we can assist you in finding out what is feasible for your site.  The rules and laws governing playground equipment change periodically.  You need to be sure to have the right amount of safety surfacing for the type of playground equipment you have installed.  You need to be sure to keep your playground structures maintained so that the children playing on the equipment are safe at all times.  We can evaluate what you need to do to bring your playground into compliance, or assist you in evaluating your site for new or additional equipment.

Let us come to your site and evaluate your commercial playground site.  We will walk through your site, note any items that are not in compliance with the applicable rules and laws, and give you a report that will give you all the details.

Let us help you keep your kids safe! We can assist you with your site evaluation in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.  Click on the link to the Public Playground Safety Handbook below to find out more about safety surfacing and other features that will help keep your kids safe on your playground.

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Playground Safety Handbook



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