The idea of playing in the water on a hot sunny day is seen as a fun activity by children. This is the reason as to why water parks or the activity of swimming, in general, is so high in the summer-time. At Recreation Today, we understand this common need of the people, especially children, and this is why as a part of our water play area equipment, we offer a huge inventory of high-quality splashpads.

    What is a Splashpad?

    A splash pad, also known as a spray pool or splash park is an entertainment zone for children playground, where different sorts of water showering nozzles are present with almost no standing water on the surface. Splashpads also serves as the best option for those parents who are concerned about their child’s water journey. With little to no standing water, the need for supervision or a lifeguard is drastically lowered along with the chances of getting drowned.

    Finding a Splashpad near you

    Splashpads have been around for quite a long time and recently they are being adopted by many schools playgrounds, and many other institutions everywhere throughout the world. The typical locations where a splashpad is normally found is at water parks, resorts, public parks, malls, and gyms.

    On the off chance that you do not have a clue where your nearby splashpad is located, simply do a Google search by adding the keyword “Splashpad” in addition to the name of your city.

    Benefits of a Splashpad

    Water features many healing properties and spending time in the water is a relief, especially in the summer season. Regardless of whether it’s in the community pool, ocean, lake, creek or in your own tub in the backyard, playing in the water may enable kids to develop and create in many essential ways, some of which are as follows:
    Balance & Strength

    The balance and overall strength of children are improved when they play in the water. Interacting with water is a whole new sensory experience for kids, even if it is the act of jumping, clapping their hands or simply splashing in the water. During water play, the danger of falling or colliding with hard surfaces becomes extremely minimal.

    Moreover, spending quality time in the water can also help children to gain more strength because of the resistance that water adds to any exercise that is performed in it. This is why children make a demanding effort with their arms and legs to move and play in the water.

    Communication and Social Skills

    The skills of communication and socializing with other children can be honed through water play. This is because finding new things and experiencing them first-hand inside shared spaces provides an extraordinary chance for social improvement. This serves as a great learning experience for children. Opportunities that playing with water offers to children enhance their social development and interactive skills, which also have a positive effect on other important parts of their life.

    At Recreation Today, we have a huge inventory of Splashpads for you to choose. Our high-quality splashpads are easy to install and serve as a great addition to schools, playgrounds, communities or any other institution. If you have any questions regarding splashpads, do not hesitate to contact us our customer services team and get a free quote today!

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