Swing Parts

Replacement Hardware and Swing Parts

Our swing parts and products are engineered for safety and built to last. To protect very young and handicapped children from possible accidents, we offer special options such as safety chains and short link chains. Both bucket seats, half bucket seats and flat seats are available with steel inserts to thwart vandalism.  We carry a wide variety of replacement parts for swings as well as replacement hardware.  Our clevis shackles shown are standard, but we have others available.  We also carry tire swing parts and components.  If you don't see what you are looking for, please give us a call.


All products have been thoroughly tested to ensure their safety and durability. Below is a list of some of the items we have available.  The pricing below is for each individual item.  These prices do not include shipping.  Please call us at (208) 442-9350 or (800) 481-8705 if you need something specific.  We would be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

Swing Parts

Belt Swing Seat

Swing Parts - swingseats

This seat is 6" wide x 24" long. It is made with EPDM rubber, welded triangular hardware and an insert to resist vandalism. The colors we have in stock are black and blue. We can order other colors if you wish.

Traditional Tot Full Bucket Rubber Seat

Swing Parts - enclosed-infant-seat

This is a fully enclosed one piece infant seat that helps prevent small children from falling out. It is made with a steel insert that is encased in 70duro EPDM rubber with heavy duty rust resistant welded triangular hardware. EPDM: Ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer is a synthetic rubber material which helps prevent crazing, cracking and oxidizing. The colors we have in stock are black and blue. We can order other colors if you wish.

Wear Mats


Our beveled wear mats are heavyweight which helps to make them vandal safe, and also gives them the needed stability for aggressive and high trafficked play areas. These mats can be buried either partially or completely without presenting a hazard. Our swing safe mats are a must when safety is a priority in high traffic areas.  We can also provide you wear mats for your slide landing area.

Swing Chain

Swing Parts - SwingChain

Our 3/16" steel swing chain has a smooth zinc finish. The links are 1" long and the opening is 1/2" wide. Chain that is not bought from a playground manufacturer does not have the quality control and have been known to have weak links and can contain air bubbles. This product should last 2 years in harsh conditions and up to 5 years in optimal conditions. Some conditions may require replacement sooner. Tensile strength 3900 lbs.  Sold per foot.

2 3/8" O.D. Swing Hanger with Shackle Pendulum

Swing Parts - SH114 Swing Hanger w-Shackle

This is a galvanized ductile iron swing hanger with a shackle pendulum. These hangers are cast in two halves. The lower half of the swing hanger body has a shackle pendulum with a centered bronze bearing incorporated into it to reduce wear.


Swing Parts - SH167 Shackle Pendulum

This pendulum will save the cost and hassle of installing an S-hook. Use this to attach chains to swing hangers. Bolt pin has a tamper resistant head that requires an allen wrench with special hole to open and close. Can be used with any ductile iron or stamped steel hanger.

Clevis Shackle

H170 Shackle - Swing Parts

These clevis shackles take the place of S-hooks. Unlike S-hooks they can be used multiple times. They are also much easier to install than S-hooks. They are stronger and some cities and parks are requiring their use instead of S-hooks. This clevis is 5/16" with 3/8" x 1 1/2" bolt.

Nuts, Bolts and Hardware

swing parts

We have nuts, bolts, washers, various hardware and allen wrenches in various sizes to match your playground equipment.

Please call for an exact quote.

We would be happy to e-mail you a quote to include all of the parts you need, as well as shipping to your location, or pick-up at our facility.


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