Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to constructing a playground for a school, community or an institution. A safe playground is composed of many pieces, one of which is the kind of surfacing used on preschool playgrounds.
    Are you on the lookout for the best playground safety surfacing material for your play area surface? Safe play area surfacing is intended to pad a fall and is a play area need. Regardless of what precautionary measures teachers, parents and, different parental figures take, falls are inescapable once in a while.

    When parents are not paying enough attention, children take this as an opportunity to roughhouse on playsets or jump from swings, and in this process, they sometimes lose their balance. At the point when this occurs, the chances of children having an injury are indeed very high. To avoid this from happening and keep a minor injury from turning into a bigger one, kids need to land on something thick and soft enough to assimilate the effect.

    Almost 70 percent of all play area injuries are because of falls, this is according to a data report presented by the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS). Picking safe play area materials can enormously lessen the seriousness of the damage and luckily, most injuries are preventable.

    In case you don’t know what play area surface material to utilize, Recreation Today, is at your service. We’ll demonstrate to you the most secure play area surface material, and we’ll list materials you need to maintain a strategic distance from. A sheltered, fun play area is certain to bring joy to kids, while also keeping them safe at the same time. Give us a chance to enable you to make a play area that advances happiness, health, and playtime outside.

    Types of Playground Surfacing

    Our commercial playground surfacing is of three different types. Bonded Rubber Mulch, Engineered Wood Fiber and Recycled Rubber Mulch.
    Bonded Rubber Mulch is a safe, durable and cost-effective option for your school, park or playground. It is the best surface option for you if you are aiming for a rubber playground surface. It is mainly found in areas like highly themed water play areas that are found in Universal Studios and Disney.

    Recreation Today offers the highest quality of Engineered Wood Fiber surfacing that provides a natural feel to the environment.
    Another playground surface material that we offer is the Recycled Rubber Mulch. Our Recycled Rubber Mulch has been certified non-toxic by EPA, as it is made from 100% recycled waste stream.

    All incredible play area surfaces are visually appealing, safe and thoroughly tested to the highest standards. Recreation Today makes sure that you get the highest quality within a reasonable budget.

    Benefits Of Playground Flooring

    It’s imperative to comprehend that a safety surface cannot in itself decrease the number of mishaps that occur. Actually, about 30% of fall injuries happen simply because of the play area’s hardware.

    However, there is no uncertainty that the seriousness of injuries caused from falls onto the play area surface is decreased drastically by the provision of an effect engrossing defensive surface – especially on account of (for instance) head injuries.

    Buy Properly Tested Play Area Surfacing

    Always question your provider about safety surfacing for their test certificates, and guarantee that the item is introduced as per proper test strategies. Continuously check what base readiness has been utilized in the testing and think about how that contrasts and your site’s current ground conditions or any proposed preparations.

    Interested in buying children’s playground equipment and safety surfacing for your school or playground? Contact Recreation Today and choose from a variety of playground surface options. Our excellent customer service will guide you through the whole process and you’ll also get a free quote!

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