Are you searching for affordable and high-quality playground equipment for sale? Well, then look no further. Recreation Today is the top provider of commercial playground equipment for playgrounds, schools, day-care facilities, churches and various institutions. Our equipment is durable, manufactured and installed by professionals and also serves as a safe place for children to have fun and learn several skills at the same time.

    From offering consultation on the safe playground  Equipment surfacing to choosing the right playground equipment, Recreation Today handles it all. We exceed expectations in giving you the absolute best playground equipment at an economical cost, that is suitable for all venues, playground, schools or any other institution.

    Apart from our colossal online choice of outside play equipment, we likewise offer additions and amenities for parks, which include but not limited to bike racks and picnic racks. With such a significant number of options on playground equipment, we are certain that you will find any type of equipment that you are searching for.

    Nexus Series – Modern Playground Equipment

    One type of playground equipment, that Recreation Today offers is the Nexus Series. The Nexus series carries the KidsTale name – which means you get the ultimate value in safety, quality and, detail. It is a product behind which we stand unconditionally because of its superior quality.

    A great quality of this series is that it focuses equally on outdoor play and the physical development of kids. There are many other benefits to using this innovative kind of daycare playground equipment. Some of which are as follows:

    Exercise Self Control

    Most of us are aware that self-control is not one of the defining traits of children. However, children can learn to adopt this valuable trait by spending more time with outdoor playground equipment. Scientific research suggests that when children are involved in any outdoor activity they are able to effectively control their driving forces. This is why you should encourage your kid to play outdoors more often.

    Develop Problem Solving Skills

    Another extraordinary thing children can gain from playing with their friends outside is that they face real-life circumstances. Such situations urge them to be imaginative and to discover real-life solutions. By taking care of such critical thinking circumstances, youngsters will become ready for finding inventive answers for their very own problematic issues.

    Social Skills

    Communication is a skill that many children have a major problem in learning. Outdoor playground equipment can help kids bond with their friends and learn to communicate on different levels. This type of interaction will hone their social skills and make him an extrovert individual.

    Recreation Today makes sure that our clients are completely satisfied, both before and after they make their purchase. If you are having trouble in deciding the right type of equipment for you then contact our customer service team and they will guide you to effectively buy playground equipment that is specific to your needs.

    Our professional construction experts take care of everything from equipment installation to safety surfacing. Moreover, we provide fast shipping on all our in-stock products. Contact us now and get a free quote!

    If you want to know more about our Nexus Series prices then call us or contact us through an email.
    Our experts will be happy to offer their services in creating an inspiring play area for your kids.

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