School Playground Equipment for Children Ages 5 – 12

    school play equipment is undoubtedly the first place for kids to recreate and play. Children between the age group of 5-12 years are at the most advanced stage of development. This is the age when they are ready to explore their new abilities and meet new challenges. Therefore, the elementary school playground equipment must offer opportunities to develop and strengthen their physical and motor skills. To induce the love of play among the children, the school play equipment must present structures that encourage them to play. The playground equipment in the schools may include activity panels, ramps, track rides, slides, and different types of ladders. With this much variety of play structures, it is pertinent to keep the right balance so that every age group has something to play for. Similarly, the school play equipment for different age groups should be installed separately to avoid play injuries and safety issues.

    Choosing the best school playground equipment

    School children at the elementary level are usually aged between 5 to 12 years. It is necessary to carefully consider their age requirements before purchasing outdoor playground equipment. A school playground must be a place of equal playing opportunities for children of all ages. This helps to create an inclusive play behavior among the children. Plan properly about the choice of equipment that can cater to the playing needs of younger kids and older students simultaneously. First and foremost, any equipment must be age-appropriate. This would ensure that any structure in place is safe for the kids of relevant age. At the same time, park playground equipment must be equally engaging for all students to inculcate both play and learning.

    The design is the second important factor to consider. A well-designed and carefully planned school playground space offers a natural dose of fun, social interaction, and physical activity. Other than offering all the secondary benefits, any park playground equipment must emphasize on physical development. Children in the initial years of life play for fun but as they grow their focus is on physical activities. They prefer to play organized games. Primary school playground equipment must include structures like slides and climbers for better motor skills and physical coordination among the muscles. Similarly, large play structures not only involve kids in exploring physical obstacles, but they also encourage group play among them.

    Creating the right equipment mix

    Before you buy kids play equipment, certain features should be incorporated in the new design. An open area creates breathing space for the children and equipment alike. New structures should help in polishing the interpersonal skills of the students. Games must teach them organization while giving ample physical exercise. The commercial playground equipment must focus on inculcating organization, strategy, and teamwork among the school students.
    Finally, outdoor playground equipment must be durable along with being safe. Playground equipment must be resistant enough to withstand high foot traffic. This lessens the risk of injury. The plastic playground equipment material further reduces the fear of sports-related injuries. Only install playground equipment that meets the highest safety features. Recreation Today commercial playground equipment is manufactured according to the CPSC safety guidelines. It also incorporates in its design the ADA compliance requirements for accessibility and safety.

    Recreation Today can save you time and money by offering a variety of school play equipment for schools at convenient prices. With our attentive customer services and latest technology structures, you are always going to have the best of the experiences. Want to know more about us? Just request a free quote by telling us about the product that you want. We will offer you all the services from start to finish.

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