Grounds For Play

Recreation Today is pleased to offer the Grounds For Play line by Superior Recreation Products™

Please call and we will assist you in planning your playground project for your recreational area to include Grounds For Play playground equipment!

Ultimate playground structures for all ages!

Check out just a few of the Grounds For Play structures below.  At the bottom you can click on the catalog to see more climbing structures.





Grounds For Play is one of the Superior vendors that Recreation Today acquires play equipment from.  They use quality playground materials for all their structures.  These products are built to last and can provide your children fun for years to come.  The following information is specific to the Grounds For Play equipment.  See the image to the right to identify where these materials are used.

  • Rotationally-molded plastics have anti-static inhibitors.  Rotationally-molded plastics, such as those used for slides and tubes, are made of 3/8" thick, low density polyethylene (LDPE).  They contain anti-static inhibitors and are also UV stabilized for reduced fading.
  • Textured HDPE panels are strong and UV stabilized.  Our 3/4" thick textured high density polyethylene (HDPE) is used for products such as our activity panels.  With UV stabilization, we ensure your carefully selected color will remain bright and colorful for years.  These panels are graffiti resistant and stain resistant.  They will not splinter or crack.
  • Super durable powder coat leaves your structure protected.  The metals on these structures are coated with 3 mils of zinc-rich primer and 3 miles of Superdurable powder coat.  These 6 mils protect your products from sun discoloration and salt (in coastal regions).
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) posts are the thickest in the industry.  Our FRP posts are extruded from a composite resin material, feature rounded corners, and a .22" wall thickness.  Our FRP posts contribute to the low-maintenance and rust-free nature of our equipment.
  • Low maintenance TREX® decks.  TREX® decking consists of recycled post-consumer plastic and recycled post-production or recovered wood fibers, providing an inviting natural wood look without the maintenance.  Our decks, ramps, and bridges provide a child-friendly, low-maintenance, slip-resistant surface even when wet and won't crack or peel.
  • We offer stainless steel hardware, so you won't worry about rust.  Ninety-nine percent of the hardware we use is stainless steel, with less than 1% being corrosion-resistant coated steel.

Grounds for Play Materials
Grounds For Play Materials

Click on the Color Palettes picture to the left to see more color options for your playground structure.  Click the catalog image to the right to see additional information and play systems in the Grounds For Play line.

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