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Recreational Area and Park Site Furnishings & Amenities

Recreation Today can provide you with park site furnishings, such as benches, picnic tables, bike racks, trash receptacles, barbecue grills and park structures.  We can assist you in all states within the United States!  Quality park site furnishings may seem small when considering the bigger picture of your recreation area, but it is the small things that matter most. Keep your recreational area clean with recycle and trash bins and give parents, spectators and visitors a place to relax while they keep an eye on their little ones with quality products that are easily maintainable and long lasting. We carry benches and outdoor products made from 100% recycled plastic resin and other products that are made of heavy duty steel.  Need a trash can - call Recreation Today!



Our benches come in all different designs, colors, and sizes. Choose from the very simple basic design to the more sophisticated colonial, or select the most elegant styles. Give your visitors or sports teams a comfortable yet practical place to rest.  The benches in the photo to the right are made of tubular steel, making them a very durable option.  See some of our popular benches here.

Want to know more about our Buddy Benches?

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We can make any of our benches into Memorial Benches as well.

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Custom benches

 Picnic Tables

Square tables, hexagonal tables, and rectangle tables all have the same purpose and function, and come in many different varieties. Bring excitement to your recreational area with functional yet attractive picnic tables that encourage families to come, spend time together, and enjoy themselves.

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Trash Receptacles

Trash receptacles may be the last thing that comes to mind when outfitting your recreational area, but could possibly be the most important. A well placed trash or recycling receptacle can make a big difference in the functionality of a park or recreation center. Choose from many designs and styles, from the very simple to the very elegant. We can also create a custom trash can for your recreational area.

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Bike Racks

Bike racks are a necessity for many parks, schools and public areas where children, as well as adults, might need a place to park and lock their bicycle for safe keeping. We can offer many different varieties to match the look of the area where you wish to install a bike rack.

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 Custom Safety Signs

It is a requirement per the CPSC Guidelines that proper signs be placed on public playgrounds stating age appropriateness for the equipment and stating that the playground is not supervised (to be used at your own risk). Whether you need a sign stating the specific rules of your playground or a Risk Management sign to bring your playground up to the required guidelines, we can help you with that. Add a custom sign to your park site furnishings.

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Barbecue Grills and Rings

Barbecue grills or barbecue rings are a necessity for many parks, apartments and recreational areas.  We can offer several different varieties to match the requirement for the area you wish to install a barbecue grill or barbecue ring.

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