Dog Parks Equipment

Dog Park Equipment

We can build your dog park and furnish the equipment for your furry friends to keep them active and healthy!

We can build your bark park and furnish the dog park equipment for your furry friends to keep them active and healthy! Let us supply dog park furnishings for you.

Are you planning a dog park for your community?  We can help you design, plan and build your dog park.   

Let us help you plan and build your dog park.   Recreation Today can assist you in planning, building and furnishing a community location where you can come together with other dog enthusiasts, let the dogs run free, or put them through their paces in an exercise course. We can help you with anything from just surfacing and fencing to accessories in order to create a 'simple' or 'expert' course for your dogs.

Your pets deserve a place to be off-leash and run to their hearts' content!  They need exercise, just like their owners. 

Introducing RE-BARK - for the Eco-Friendly K-9.

BarkPark is going GREEN!  We are pleased to introduce our newest addition to the BarkPark line, which is 100% Recycled Plastic.  These products are similar to the classic products you know and love, with a recycled twist! 

Here are some of the new dog park recycled units that are now available:

dog park equipment
Recycled Stepping Paws

dog park equipmemt
Recycled Grooming Table

dog park equipmemt
Recycled Crawl Tunnel

dog park equipmemt
Pick Up Stations

dog park equipmemt
Recycled Adjustable Ring Jump

dog park equipmemt
Recycled Pick Up Station with Leash Holder

dog park equipmemt
Recycled Dog Jump

dog park equipmemt
Recycled Curved Tunnel with Dog House

dog park equipmemt
Essential Welcome Sign

dog park equipmemt
Customizable Premium Welcome Signs

dog park equipmemt
Recycled Hilltop Challenge

dog park equipmemt
Waste Station Add On


dog park equipmemt
Premium Welcome Sign

Here are a few of the old stand-by products we can also provide you with:

Paws Table/Grooming Table

Weave Posts

Doggie Waste Stations

King of the Hill

Nature - Stepping Stones

Nature - Tree Stumps

We also have combination packages to build your dog park as a complete package.


These are just a few of the options we have available for your dog park.  Below is a link to the Dog Park catalog.

Please feel free to call us for more information.


Dog Park
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Dog Park Equipment
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