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Create your own design with our Buddy Bench Customization Form.

Please note:  Once you complete the form below, we will send you a picture of what your bench will look like and a quote for the cost, which will include shipping.  Our benches start at approximately $675.
The standard frame color for the Perforated Standard Bench is black.  All frame colors other than black on the Perforated Standard Bench will incur an additional $25 charge.

For the Diamond Pattern Bench,  and the Perforated Roll-Form Bench, the standard is to have the same color arms as the seat/back color.  You may select another color for the arms, however, any arm color other than the seat/back color will also incur an additional $25 charge.

Buddy Bench Customization Form


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Buddy Bench
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Buddy Bench
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You should receive a confirmation email shortly after submission.  If you do not receive an email, please notify us of the issue.  We appreciate your request!

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