Non-Elevated Aluminum Bleachers

Non-Elevated Aluminum Bleachers in Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, Wyoming and Alaska.

Bleachers can be an important addition to sports and recreation areas, whether it’s giving the team a place to sit in between plays, or giving spectators a nice comfortable spot to cheer on their favorite players.  We can provide your college, high school, middle school, elementary school, park and recreation area with non-elevated aluminum bleachers in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Non-Elevated Bleachers available from Recreation Toay
Non-Elevated Bleachers in Meridian, Idaho

Non-Elevated Aluminum Bleachers

These aluminum bleachers are perfect for baseball, football, soccer fields and other sports fields. Non-elevated bleachers are built so that on the lower level your feet are touching the ground. These come in three different models of bleacher styles, including standard, preferred, and deluxe models.

Bleachers at University in Boise, Idaho
Bleachers at High School in Florence, Montana
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